Comprehensive Care Management

Our Health Homes care management services use a planned approach to serving you. This includes working with you to develop a plan of care that meets your needs and goals, as well as sharing this care plan with all the involved members of your team. This helps to ensure you can access all the services that you need, as well as helping you maintain your benefits. These services are designed to assist you with managing the many pieces of your daily life, so that you can focus more on taking care of yourself.


Care Coordination & Health Promotion

Does it sometimes it seems like there are too many things to get done, before you are even able to go to the doctor? Or maybe before you can even get your doctor appointment scheduled? Your care manager will help you with scheduling appointments, finding new providers, or requesting refills and referrals. We can also assist with increasing communication between all the service providers on your team (doctors, care managers, case workers, therapists, medical specialists, peer supports, etc.), which allows you to spend less time telling your doctors what your other doctors did at your last appointment.


Transitional Care

When moving from one level of care to another (like from the hospital to your home) your needs are often different and more complex. The care management team can assist you with making sure your providers are informed of your needs during the transition. They can also help connect you with services you need to be successful in a more independent setting. You may also find that you need extra help with understanding new medications, instructions, or arranging appointments with new providers. We can make sure that you have all the information and connections you need to navigate these changes.


Patient & Family Support

Want help sharing information with your family or concerned about keeping your insurance benefits? Our care mangers can assist your family with understanding your medical care, medications, or dietary recommendations. They can also help you navigate the process of completing applications for benefits or entitlements.


Referrals to Community & Social Support Services

There may be times when you will need more services and supports in the community. Wouldn't it be a huge help if you could ask someone who already knew about other services in the area? Your care manager can give you information about the different types of services in your community and how you can contact them. Perhaps you would like information about peer programs or job training opportunities? Maybe you need a delivery pharmacy and a food pantry with extended hours. Your care manager works with you to make sure you get connected to a variety of resources that meet your needs and help to simplify your life.

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